About Us

We know that times are difficult and strange. And that your home is a refuge from the outside world. When we design our candles and choose fragrances we are thinking about what they will bring to all our homes. A sense of comfort. Warmth. Safety. Reassurance that we are safe in this space. We want our homes to be comfortable and cozy. A place of refuge. We want our candles to enhance all those feelings. And we hope you can find our candles will enhance all those good feelings about your home.
Griffith Street Candle Factory - Candle crafts-people making candles in San Leandro, California in the San Francisco Bay Area.
We make a variety of candles: pillars, votives, filled vessels, floating candles, and decorative botanical candles. Our candles are hand finished and often embellished with metallic or botanical elements.
We welcome your special orders and custom candle needs.